It Turns Out That Camfrog Is Like This

Hello friend in Indonesia, tell a little about the experience of trying

new chat machine that is probably easier and lighter than YM! well when trying there is a very different sensation. anyway all very satisfying

In terms of freedom, privacy, status, everything is managed in a community

I wish I could explain a little here. striking advantages are

Web Cam from each User can be accessed without going through the permission process like on YM! Provided that the user has an active WEBCAM and webcam, this is an important asset for us to be able to enter a room that is scattered around the CamFrog Video Chat Room, so just choose from the relaxed one to the tense one, all really complete.

for those who have played CF before, maybe this is meaningless

but for those who want to add insight into the world of chat, please read who knows there are words

which can be useful in guiding you to run Camfrog.

we start with the Camfrog program which you can download at

well, after installing it, you should make an account like YM, but we don't have e-mail. only acount for CF access how come it's free. but it must be remembered because CF has a status that may be different on each of your accounts depending on whether you are all able to attract the CF Room Owner to increase your status.

About Camfrog

Camfrog is one of the instant messaging software available on the internet, in which we can interact via text, video streaming and audio streaming. like yahoo messenger which provides chat services between people from anywhere in the world who have internet access.

Much unique to Camfrog than Yahoo Messenger or other chat places, the details ... on Camfrog, if you want to see the face of the person you're talking to via webcam, you don't need permission or ask for approval from him, just a click immediately appears in a few moments, for those of you who like to see there are lots of hot show scenes here, the place is here ...

But before chatting, I suggest not doing things that are considered chaotic such as typing dirty words to other chaters, because your IP address will be banned in a few days and maybe even can't chat until weekly, even though you change the ID for chat anyway Can't enter because your IP address is being updated by the user, but calm down when I tell you about using a proxy, haha ​​there are still many roads to Mecca, bro ...

icon in semiotics. an example is below, hopefully it can add to the vocabulary of terms in the world per your chat.


222 = no (bad)

555 = haha ​​(smile)

888 = bye

88 = bye bye

99999 = ask for a mic

555555 = embarrassed

TQ = Thank you

WB = Welcome Back

nvm = never mind

brb = be right back

HB = Hurry Back

JJR = walk room, (but this is not standard)

But the terms above maybe for now can be said to be no longer used, because the culture of a room now can be said to have its own culture / language in terms of just greeting.

For the advanced level, maybe you will need the writing below because this paper contains a few ways to do actions such as:

Block mic: right click on the user you want to block the mic, then click block mic and vice versa unblock mic too

Ban: right click on the user you want to ban

Kick: right click on the user to be kicked

But in this case there are settings according to the status level such as:

The blue color cannot tire, kick, block, punish, etc. against the green with a low level note that cannot master the upper level.

Camfrog is unique compared to Yahoo Messenger or MiRC, where the rooms on Camfrog have a membership status consisting of Guest user, Friend, Operator, Operator +, Co Owner, Main Owner where each level has different facilities.

Standard Facilities Camfrog:

1. Chat in the room or via Instant Message (IM)

2. See other users' cams

3. Using voice in the room

Guest user << color ID is black

Has all 3 standard facilities

Friend ID color is blue

Has all 3 standard facilities plus the following facilities:

- Private Message (PM)

- Block, Unblock mic guest user

Green operator ID color

Has all the Friend facilities plus the facilities:

- Demote Operator and Friend (lower status lower below)

- Block, unblock mic Friend, Operator

- punish Operator, Friend, Guest user

- kick Operator, Friend, Guest user

 Owner ID color is red

Having the Operator + facility plus facilities

- demote all status

- Banned all status

- Increasing status only reaches Operator +

Main Owner

Has facilities

- Increase status to Owner or Main Owner

(because he holds the room password)

Yaps, maybe a little review about camfrog and the rules of the game on camfrog, hopefully it will provide a discourse for you to make it easy to get OPERATOR status in a room, or at least FRIEND in that room. GOOD LUCK….

May be useful :)

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